7th September 2011


Almost 6 month have passed since March 11 disaster and we are approaching the 10th anniversary of 9/11 attack. It looks that the prime number “11” is hunting through the history. But it is all about   the victims, survivors and those left behind. It is a reminder for all of us that nothing is given for ever or impossible.

Alan 2

Just a few days before March 11 I programmed my satellite decoder to receive NHK-World TV.
I wanted to refresh my memories of my last visit to Japan with my son together.
It remained our mostly watched TV-Program since then... My son spontaneously sent his earnings to JRC. I never expected this from a 14-years old boy.

Alan 2

Some time ago I was asked by Tokyo publisher to produce 528 Hz based composition for “Binary for Fokushima”. I have dig through my sound recordings library and fractal based sound to produce my contribution. You are welcome to download this track “Fokus-I*M*A*” and experience it with your AudioStrobe decoder. Sincerely not a light piece, but moving to a reflection...
The publisher asked me to AudioStrobe encode other tracks of the collection as well. They will be available soon.

Alan 2


Download the MP3 here:

Alan 2

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