Newsletter 10.03.2010

Text: Andrzej Slawinski
Photos: Nicole Rogozinski

Welcome to Poland to the Gallery Molinis

As I have already announced to you in our last newsletter this time it may be quite personal although the main topic is the facility we are establishing here.

Of course I am Polish, but it is just my origin.
I have been more abroad than in Poland itself. Thus even more strange that after almost 30 years of an odyssey to be back here. As I left Poland in 1981 I never thought I may be back here again. In this way 2010 is a special year for me. From January 2010 I officially just live in one country, and it is the country of my origin.

In a way I am a foreigner here, not only as being a Swiss citizen as well but simply Poland made so much progress while I dad been abroad that I have still some difficulty to believe it is all real – the “Change”. In one of the next newsletters I may go deeper into this “Polish Change” subject and why Poland and not Switzerland, Germany or Ireland was chosen for this project, for Gallery Molinis. There will be a little bit of history and maybe some positive thoughts for our common Europe and our common challenges in the 21st century.

Back to “here and now”. We are in Lubkowo, which means so much in old Slavic language, “the place you love”. (Sometimes is good to remember that English, German, Russian and many other languages are from the same origin, the Indo-European language. English “Love”, German: “Liebe”, Russ: “Ljubov”). From what we know from the archeological archives there were already the Celts thousands of years before us here.

The more I stay here I believe this place has some inherent magic in it. Each morning when I wake up and see the sea… And when I answer emails and look from the window I see the sea. It is somehow magic and our customers tend to be returning customers to this place.

But how did it got the name “Gallery Molinis” and what is it about?
To answer the second question first, “It is a place of creativity for mind related technologies, a mini Mind-Hollywood, where we will produce “films” for relaxation, consciousness training or “religion free spiritual/personal development” as some would call it.


But why “Molinis”? I was living in a small village in the Swiss mountains for some years. (

Apparently the project was planned to start there.
At least it was the outlook given from the Swiss industry support authorities. But it remained thus an outlook.

The name “Molinis” comes from “Molina”, and you can trace it to “mill”, “Mühle”, “mlyn”.


There is something very specific about mills, of any kind, the water mill or wind mill: it is transforming the energy which is “flowing” in the nature and uses it for some specific task. It is this “creativity” of the mill which helps to focus the energy, taking it for “free” and instead of dissipating it randomly, it focuses it to process something. And this is exactly the idea of “Gallery Molinis”. Gallery, because it is home to many projects dealing with education, art and training. “Gallery” because it is home to VERIM®, AudioStrobe®, and Muses® Foundation, and last but not least to the photo-video “Studio Galeria Molinis” run by Nicole.

Ok. Let’s take a look around. We will not do it in QuickTime 360° as we of course could, simply there are too many things lying around, cases full of books, equipment, instruments, cables… We are still in the process of making final polish and connections of the equipment. So still pictures are better now!



There are two buildings on the sea shore. One we call “Gästehaus”, for guests and the second “Studio”, the place we live and work. In the guest house there is a big, Swiss style kitchen, recreational area and seminar room.


On the second floor there are guest rooms, each of them enjoying the lake panorama and beautiful sunsets.

We use it when we have groups of artists or other project involved people. This is a perfect setting as we can enjoy not only the work itself but social activities as well. Making fire on the beach is one of the preferred ones.

In summer time we rent the whole “Gästehaus” building to tourists on a weekly basis. And it is great time then here in summer, the lake, the sea.


Yes, the lake was a part of the Baltic Sea, it is still connected, if just only by a 3 km long river passage. But of course the water is much warmer and not salty at all. It is a unique experience to swim in this “sweat” water and smell salt in the air at the same time. On quiet days you can even hear the branding waves of the Baltic seashore. If you want to explore more of the wonderful surroundings, please go to the picture gallery at

Studio Molinis

The “Studio” has 3 big rooms in the basement. The “Theater rehearsal room”, monitoring room and music production room, the sound studio.

Molinis Studio

The “Theater Room” is for doing photo and video recordings. We are just to implement the blue/green box. It is over 60 sq. meters and it has direct connection to the director/monitoring and production room.

Molinis Studio

The actors can be filmed and observed while the production team may stay behind the “mirror”.

Studio Molinis

In the production room there are the photo/video processing computers with post production software on it.

Maybe not exactly, just the keyboards and the monitors.

studio Molinis

The computers themselves are in an adjacent server room, the same solution for the studio computers as well. This way we do not hear them and the UPS units anymore.

Studio Lubkowo

In the sound studio there is an extra recording booth for speech and vocals, we call it “Silent Aquarium”. When you enter the studio and start to talk you almost do not recognize your voice. But when you enter the “Silent Aquarium” you hear the blood circling in your veins. Some even get panic. I like it very much and from time to time misuse the “Silent Aquarium” for a ZEN-session.

Studio Lubkowo

All the equipment is of course digital, and due to this the amount of the cable connections is minimal in comparison to my old “Tamas Laboratorium” mostly analogue studio in Germany in the 80-ies.

Today very piece of the electronic equipment is computer based. The most powerful of the instruments is “Oasis” from Korg, an open architecture workstation. I like it, as it implements fractal geometry algorithms already, maybe similar to ones I developed and implemented to compose “fractal” mandala music in the 80-ties.

The computers themselves have many so called “plug-ins” with powerful instruments and their sound libraries.

Also what I like is the power of “VIRUS”, which gives best analog-like, but digitally controlled sounds and Korgs R3 vocoders.


How does it all sound?

Here is a sample, still in the "pipes" but you can get a feeling of what we are to.

The name of the track is "Tritan" and will be part of my next album of "Scent-of-Sound" called "Naked Mantras".

More about it when we release it this year.



studio Molinis

The heart of the studio is always the mixer. And here the TASCAM DM-4800 is an optimal solution. It is fully digital and automated over its 64 channels, but first of all it is "connected" with the main computer with 32 channels and also with the post production platform "Soundscape". But I do not want to bore you with the technical details anymore.

(For those who are interested please visit

as we consolidate the studio and have some equipment and instruments for sale).

The reason for that complexity is that for our MuSES® System we need 16 channels surround. 8 for the micro-vibrations and 8 for surround sound.

Our first psychointeractive MuSES® programs are already installed at the


The "Literaturhotel" is situated in a charming valley, surrounded by forests, and is just half an hour away from the Dortmund airport. It is a special place, not only for literature fans but first of all for a short power vacations...


In the "Literaturhotel" you can experience the whole potential of the MuSES®, reaching relaxation values of 500% in 15 minutes. Yes, it is possible, even without 20 years of meditation practice, just a perfect combination of sound, visuals, micro-vibrations and biofeedback.

Also in the "Literaturhotel" next month:

Mind Unlimited

VERIM "Mind-Unlimited"

seminar starting from 30 April until 2nd Mai 2010

in "Literaturhotel" Iserlohn, Germany

Explore your inner potential with biofeedback, sensory stimulation and elements from Modern-Arnis.

A weekend which may change your life for better... read more...

Mind Unlimited


s. man


“Naked Mantras” will be the first 16 channel psychointeractive “album” for the MuSES® (if you do not know what it is please visit to get acquainted with this terminology, here it means that the audio-video experience will change itself due to your inner reaction/response). It will be, of course, available as “mixdown” to 5.1 and 71.1 DVD and CD/MP3 stereo version.
But to experience the full potential and beauty of the MuSES® system, you will have to come to one of the experimental places like Literaturhotel in Germany or to “Gallery Molinis”.


But who knows, maybe this patent pending technology will be available as today’s massage chairs in the waiting rooms?

More about the MuSES® system in the future.
We are now looking for potential partners in the world for production and distribution of the system. We want to focus ourselves on the “software”.


It is evening now, the lake is frozen and maybe it is a good time to stop writing and go for a walk. The ice on the lake is very thick this winter, maybe due to global warming…Yes it´s time of Change.

Galerie Molinis

Or maybe go to the second’s floor loft and watch some BBC or CNN.

Lubkowo's Trio

Or play with the "Trio":
"Stressio" (The stressed one in the middle), "Luzio" (relaxed one on the left) or "Buddha" (on the right).

Welcome to the 21st century Poland!

Andrzej Slawinski, Lubkowo 2010/03/03


In our next newsletter:

"Mind Unlimited"

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